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Blog Post - Mar 29, 2022
Blog Post - Mar 29, 2022

 A litle bit of cooperation?

What to do if you photograph a pup and a child together and neither are paying attention to you ?  Thats what happened to me at the recent session. When the child was ready the pup was chewing the tree. After I got attention of the pup the child was bored already. You would think that it took too long, like several minutes and I was too slow, but he truth is children's attention spam is very short , as well as pups. The difference between the first and the second image is several seconds, not minutes. Now I have 2 images with good facial expressions of my models, but not together. I have no choice but "cut" the boy from the first image and "glue" him to the second. And that's what I did in Photoshop. I like the result. What is your opinion?

Image 1
Image 2

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